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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Benz Insulation Services has built it’s reputation on quality and performance. 

  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Cold Pipe Insulation
  • Hot Pipe Insulation
  • Fire Rated Insulation & Penetrations
  • Flue Insulation
  • Cladding
  • Under Slab & Plantroom Insulation
  • Steam Systems
  • Tanks & Vessels 
  • Valves & Equipment

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Services

Acoustic Insulation

When it comes to acoustic insulation Benz Insulation Services WA is able to supply and install to any specification required. Benz  currently undertakes  acoustic insulation works to Pipework/Ductwork/Walls/Enclosures and also treatment to equipment such as Fans and Fan Coil Units.

Fire Rated Insulation & Penetrations

Benz Insulation Services WA is the preferred applicator of a number of passive fire rated products in Western Australia. Such as Trafalgar fire rated duct insulation, along with various systems of passive fire pipe penetrations. 

Hot Pipe Insulation

Thermal insulation to hot pipes plays a vital role in reducing the running cost of buildings or plants, and as such Benz recognises the importance of ensuring the installation process is carried out correctly. With products such as Thermobreak and Rockwool section pipe insulation, Benz is able to provide a cost effective solution to its clients.

Under Slab & Plantroom Walls Insulation

Benz Insulation Services WA provides both acoustic and thermal insulation to plantroom walls and under slab to meet the changing requirements of its clients. We are able to carry out works in small confined plantrooms or large open under slab areas with minimal interference to other trades and at an outstanding level of quality.

Cold Pipe Insulation

Benz Insulation Services WA has a highly capable work force that is able to comply with all specifications when it comes to cold pipe insulation. From applications of Armaflex or Thermobreak pipe sections all the way up to multiple layered cryogenic insulation with full vapour barriers, Benz is committed to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained at all times and to the highest standard. Benz also has a large number of staff that are trained in specialized underground insulation applications as well.

Flue Insulation

Whether your flue is for domestic hot water, commercial hot water or even a diesel generator flue, Benz Insulation Services WA is able to offer a solution that is suited to your application. We are able to supply and fit a range of products including high temperature Fiberglass. Rockwool and Superwool to ensure the thermal performance of your plant is maintained.

Metal Sheathing

With a factory that has been customised for sheet metal fabrication, Benz Insulation Services WA is able to offer second to none quality and performance when it comes to metal sheathing. We are able to meet your requirements on all types of sheathing including Aluminium, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Zincanneal, and Colorbond.

PVC Cladding

Benz Insulation Services WA is able to offer second to none quality and performance when it comes to PVC  Cladding, whether it be for a Data Centre or Food Grade we can do it all. 

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